Successive Linearization Model Predictive Control Tutorial is online.

As a response to multiple requests, ARMS Lab is pleased to announce a tutorial on Successive Linearization Model Predictive Control (SLMPC) scheme, which was presented on IEEE Advanced Intelligent Mechatronics 2017 [1]. In this tutorial basic steps of SLMPC controller is covered and implementation steps are shown. The tutorial covers an easy-to-understand and highly-commented implementation of the method in MATLAB for two systems: a simple pendulum and a variable stiffness actuated (VSA) robot.

To access the tutorial follow the link

[1]A. Zhakatayev, B. Rakhim, O. Adiyatov, A. Baimyshev, and H. A. Varol,
“Successive linearization based model predictive control of variable
stiffness actuated robots,” in 2017 IEEE International Conference on
Advanced Intelligent Mechatronics (AIM)
, July 2017, pp. 1774–1779.

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