Professor Michael Goldfarb attends VIII Astana Economic Forum and visits ARMS Laboratory

Dr. Michael Goldfarb, H. Fort Flowers Professor of Mechanical Engineering in the School of Engineering and the director of Center of Intelligent Mechatronics, visited Astana as a speaker of the VIII Astana Economic Forum.

During his stay, Dr. Goldfarb visited various schools and hospitals associated to Nazarbayev University. Firstly, he was introduced to Neurosurgical Center and Children Rehabilitation Center of the National Medical Holding, where he presented local doctors a speech on lower and upper limb prostheses as well as lower body exoskeleton, developed by his team in Nashville. Later, Dr. Goldfarb gave a lecture entitled “Minimizing physical disability with robotic arms, legs, and exoskeletons” in Nazarbayev University at the Senate Hall. Principle investigator Dr. Varol, introduced the distinguished guest to ARMS Laboratory and researchers explaind their projects to Goldfarb.

On 21st of May, 2015, Dr. Goldfarb took part in the “Disruptive Technologies: Impact for Society and Labor Market” session organized at the Astana Economic Forum by the Nazarbayev University.