Research Areas


Advanced Robotics and Mechatronics Systems Laboratory (ARMS Lab) is a research laboratory at the Department of Robotics of Nazarbayev University School of Engineering and Digital Sciences. The laboratory focuses on the design and implementation of intelligent devices and algorithms with an emphasis on rehabilitation, locomotion, and industrial automation applications.

The most recent research work published is a two-stage tensegrity robot manipulator built as an experimental platform. The system was actuated using six actuators and the kinematic information of the system was acquired by measuring the node coordinates using an optical motion capture. Thereafter, the behavior of the structure was compared with a simulation using a dynamic formulation.

Previous projects include an intelligent multigrasp robotic hand equipped with laser scanners for industrial automation, a hybrid quadruped robot employed legged and wheeled locomotion for different terrains and development of path planning algorithms for redundant robot manipulators.

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