ARMS Laboratory Research Shared with NU Community at the Research Week

Nazarbayev University Research Week was held in Astana on November 25 - 29, 2013. Revealing the diversity and quality of the research being carried out in the university, the event was highly appreciated and praised by both visitors and participants.
ARMS laboratory members presented four projects that are currently under development. Posters of the projects printed for the Research Week can be studied below:

Inertial Motion Capture Based Tele-operation of a Mobile Robot Manipulator

Inertial Motion Capture based Tele-operation System


Hybrid Quadruped Robotic Platform for Investigation of Synergistic Legged and Wheeled Locomotion

NU Hybrid Quadruped


Rapidly Exploring Random Trees Fixed Nodes (RRT*FN) Algorithm



Enhanced Object Manipulation Using Multigrasp Robotic Hand for Intelligent Industrial Automation

NU Robot Hand


Demonstration videos of the projects can be found on our youtube channel.